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Gregg A. Brodka

Head of Engineering - Principal

Gregg serves as the head engineer at AHT, where he boasts an impressive 20-year background in electronic engineering, computer science, low-voltage electrical wiring, and control system programming. In his prior role as the head of the service department, Gregg played a pivotal role in crafting numerous system designs for projects ranging in size from small condos to expansive 20,000 sqft private residences and estates.

Of particular note are two of Gregg's projects, which received prestigious Crestron Home Technologies awards at CEDIA in 2013 and 2015. These accolades recognized his outstanding contributions in the categories of Best Control System and Best Lighting Control System, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the field.

In his free time, Gregg pursues his automotive passion, dedicating himself to car building, repairs, and driving. He actively participates in local and national car clubs, often leading mountain drives and supporting various club activities.

Gregg A. Brodka
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